Omnibus is the Latin phrase meaning "all encompassing" or everything. At Veritas, this means we read many of the Great Books of Western civilization, covering the subjects of literature, history, and theology - the "everything" from the culture of our ancestors. The ideas from these books have survived the centuries, and we explore and discuss them in the Omnibus classroom.

Summer 2013 Reading Lists



The Omnibus class sequence is:

  • Omnibus I = 7th grade (ancient history & lit through 70 A.D.)
  • Omnibus II-A = 8th grade (medieval history & lit, 100-1400 A.D.)
  • Omnibus II-B = 9th grade (history & lit of the Renaissance, Reformation & Enlightenment, 1400-1700)
  • Omnibus III-A – 10th grade (American history and literature from Colonization through the American Civil War)
  • Omnibus III-B – 11th grade (American history and literature from Reconstruction through Modern Times)
  • Omnibus IV = 12th grade (Ancient history through early medieval period)