Our Mission

Veritas Collegiate Academy,in partnership with the home, the church, and through the reliance on the inerrant word of God as the firm foundation of academia, seeks to lead the whole student into higher levels of excellence so each student may impact his/her own world for Christ.

Christian Worldview

Veritas Collegiate Academy approaches every subject – whether it be History, Math, Science, or Literature – in submission to God and His Word. Scripture is the lens by which we discern order and truth in these subjects. Our commitment to a Christian worldview does not, however, force us into a narrow inquiry into the world. On the contrary, because God is the source of all truth, our commitment to His Word enables us to examine and affirm truth wherever it is found. Veritas students discover and process the truths found in a broad range of literature, both Christian (i.e., Dante, Aquinas, Luther, and Calvin) and non-Christian (Homer, Virgil, Marx, and Nietzsche). Studying this broad range of literature prepares Veritas students to love learning and to lead in a world that has many philosophies and ideas that are opposed to Christ.

Christian Worldview

Statement of Faith

We believe that the sixty-six books of the Holy Bible are the only authoritative, inerrant Word of God. Further, we believe that these Scriptures are our final rule in all matters of faith and practice.

We believe that there is but one God, eternally existent in three Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that Adam, the first man, sinned in his disobedience toward God and that through his disobedience sin extended to all his posterity. Consequently, all are born sinners, spiritually dead and relationally separated from God.

We believe that Jesus Christ, Born of the Virgin Mary, perfect man and truly God, came to earth to fulfill the divine Law through perfect obedience. Having lived a sinless life in obedience to His Father, He was sacrificed on the Cross as the perfect, complete sacrifice for sin. On the third day, God raised Him from the dead, after He had provided a full redemption for His chosen people - those for whom He died. We believe that God will regenerate all for which Christ died through the invincible power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that we sinners appropriate this work, God's salvation, by His grace alone through faith alone, not as a result of any of our works.

We believe that a true church may be known by its engaging in the pure preaching of the Gospel, the right administration of the sacraments, and faithful exercising of church discipline. We believe that all Christians will seek to unite in fellowship with such a church.

We believe the local church is the primary place of fellowship and growth of believers.

We believe in the resurrection both of the believer and of the unbeliever: the believer unto the resurrection of everlasting life and the unbeliever unto the everlasting damnation.

We believe our role as educators is to be in loco parentis, "in the place of the parent." We believe that parents are responsible to educate their children in the Lord. We believe that educators must be the delegates of the parents, assisting them in the education of their children, but never usurping their God-given parental prerogative and responsibility.

We believe that biblical discipline, the encouragement of an obedient child and the correction of a disobedient child, is a critical and necessary part of education. Under no circumstances will the misbehavior of one child be permitted to continuously hinder the education of other children.

We believe that fathers are the God-ordained heads of their households. Whenever possible, we desire that each father assume leadership in the education of his children.


Association of Classical & Christian Schools (Member, candidacy status)

Virginia Council for Private Education (Member)