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Veritas Collegiate Academy


Veritas Collegiate Academy (VCA), formerly Veritas Christian Academy, is a classical Christian school, whose philosophy of education is adapted from Dorothy Sayer’s The Lost Tools of Learning and Douglas Wilson’s The Case for Classical Christian Education. Veritas has a rigorous academic program that is based upon the wisdom of Scripture and is founded in the Trivium, consisting of grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages.


Veritas seeks to provide a well-rounded education through a biblical worldview. We maintain high academic standards while holding biblical faith at the center of the educational process. The rigorous academics are easily overcome by nurturing and encouraging children to reach higher.  We are continually amazed at how our students meet lofty goals and thrive.


Veritas is located in northern Chesapeake, near the border of Virginia Beach. The school is closely located to areas in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. Come visit us today!


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