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One School, Eight Campuses

Chesapeake, VA

Veritas is located in northern Chesapeake, near the border of Virginia Beach. The school is closely located to areas in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.

Veritas CA

Beijing, China Campus


Veritas Collegiate Academy widened its vision to bring classical education across the globe when it opened its doors in Beijing, China in 2015. The school continues to expand, and today serves grades 6-11, and has grown in both quantity and quality of students and faculty.  As the first American Classical school in Beijing, China, Veritas is gradually becoming one of the premier American college prep. schools in that city.

Kunshan, China

In 2018, following the success of Veritas Beijing, a second campus launched in the southern China region of Shanghai. Shanghai is the country's biggest city, a global financial hub, and one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Located on the grounds of a former university, Meihua Veritas, boasts a beautifully landscaped 35 acre campus with classroom buildings, a science lab, library, cafeteria, dormitories, faculty apartments, an indoor athletic complex, indoor swim center, astroturf soccer field with accompanying track, theater center, and much more. The Meihua campus serves students in the 7th to 11th grades with a culminating year of 12th grade at one of the Veritas American campuses.  

Kunshan Campus
Budapest 2

Budapest, Hungary

In the Fall of 2020, the first European Campus of Veritas will open in the beautiful Central European city of Budapest, Hungary. Located on the campus of the Korosi Csoma Bilingual Baptist High School, Budapest Hungary, in an adjoining building, Veritas will open this year serving students in 9th grade, and will add 1 to 2 grades each year, with the goal of becoming a 1-12 school within 5 years.

Shenzhen, China

In the Fall of  2019, Veritas opened its third campus in China. Located in the beautiful coastal city of Shenzhen on the border of Hong Kong, the Veritas Delangruisi Campus benefits from a superior location and China’s reform and opening-up policy. One of the largest cities in China, Shenzhen is a modern and international metropolis. Dubbed as ‘China Silicon’, today’s Shenzhen gathers more than 14,000 high-tech companies including Huawei, Lenovo and Tencent. It also is the innovation hub of a new generation of emerging start-ups, which makes it the most competitive and innovative city in China.

Shenzhen 1
Guanghua Acadamy

Guanghua Shanghai, China

The building area of ​​the school exceeds 20,000 square meters. The campus environment is beautiful and the facilities are complete. It has rich educational and teaching facilities such as black box theater, library, multi-function hall, indoor gymnasium, football field, outdoor sports field, and gymnasium, which fully meet the needs of students' learning and Daily needs. In terms of teaching, the school adheres to the advanced western teaching concept, combines the advantages and characteristics of Chinese and Western education, and is oriented towards further education, teaching in small classes, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and teaching in layers. In addition to providing students with standard courses to enter American universities, the school also provides 22 AP courses for students who have spare time.

National Landing, VA

Benefitting from its amazing location as one of the closest private schools to our nation’s Capital, and within a 20 minute walk to HQ2:  The Helix and new AMAZON Headquarters in Crystal City, as well as its proximity to The National Mall, Smithsonian Museums, and Capitol Hill, Veritas Crystal City will afford numerous opportunities for our students to connect with the surrounding communities and utilize them as part of our academy’s educational system.

New Epoch

New-Epoch Shanghai, China

In the beautiful eastern part of Chongming Island, there is an exquisite private school, Pure International Village, a new sanctuary for scholars, the "school built in the garden" is emerging with a new attitude, becoming a rising "star" among bilingual schools in Shanghai .