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More About VCA

Veritas Christian Academy (now Veritas Collegiate Academy) was founded in 2006, with a vision of a classical Christian school that graduates young men and women leaders. We train children to think clearly and listen carefully with discernment. Our students gain understanding and the ability to reason persuasively and articulate precisely. Ultimately, graduates will be capable of evaluating life experiences in the light of Scripture, and they will do so with eagerness, in joyful submission to God. Veritas has expanded globally with a campus in Beijing, China and  is further expanding the vision by opening a Veritas campus in Fairfax, Virginia for the 2017-2018 school year.

Veritas Collegiate Academy established its classical Christian school education through the philosophy in Dorothy Sayer’s The Lost Tools of Learning and Douglas Wilson’s The Case for Classical Christian Education. The rigorous academic program is based upon the wisdom of Scripture and is founded in the Trivium, consisting of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric Stages.

  • In the Grammar Stage (K – 6), students study fundamentals to create a framework of knowledge. Students will build on this framework with information in later grades and stages. Questions of who, what, where, and when are the focus in the Grammar stage.
  • In the Logic, or Dialectic Stage (7 - 9), students begin to form their knowledge into ordered relationships. The goal is to equip students with the thinking skills necessary to recognize sound arguments and to detect and correct fallacious ones. This stage addresses the questions of how and why.
  • In the Rhetoric stage (10 - 12), students will develop their use of language to express their thoughts eloquently and persuasively. Students learn to express themselves well in writing and in speech. By the end of the Rhetoric stage, our goal for students is to be well-rounded and godly young men and women.

The Best Schools.pngRanked as One of the top 50 Christian Schools in America in 2014



Veritas was named as one of the 50 Best Christian High Schools in America in 2014. TheBestSchools.org ranks schools, universities and degrees all around the country. Their ranking system helps parents and students determine which institutions rank the best in the nation. TheBestSchools.org assess criteria such as academic excellence, extracurricular richness, demographic diversity and Christian faith taken seriously.  The overall assessment is a well-rounded education that gives due respect to academics while always holding faith at the center.

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