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Rhetoric School Curriculum

Rhetoric Stage (10—12)


Rhetoric Stage Curriculum.jpgTheology: The student will know the basics of theology and will learn sound principles of biblical interpretation. Students will be taught the Bible is the inspired Word of God through the Holy Spirit. Finally, students will study a breadth of theology, touching on all of the major areas of the Bible. All of this instruction will be consistent with the school’s statement of faith, and students will be challenged to apply biblical truth to their life.

Literature: Students will become well versed with the common cultural consensus of our western world – the body of thought, belief, and imagination that encompasses western education. A student will also be given a context for understanding other types of studies since the great ideas in all areas of knowledge find their popular expression in literature. Students will understand great ideas expressed through literature and will explore ideas more deeply. Finally, students will appreciate the beauty of language and literature. Discerning beauty will help graduates glorify God in our world.


History: Students will be able to articulate the providential acts of God. They will know leaders of our culture, of our nation and most importantly, of God. Students will understand the consequences of their action through the actions of our predecessors. The aim is that students gain wisdom and can articulate their faith to instill godliness in future generations.


Rhetoric: Students will master the basics of formal rhetoric and perfect their skills through constant practice in all classes. This will culminate in the writing and defense of a thesis paper during his senior year. Additionally, students will use their rhetoric skills to persuade others in a God-glorifying manner. They will learn to provide a reason for their faith and hope. 


Math: Students will master basic mathematics and solve complex equations with single and multiple variables. Students will be able to solve proofs of Geometry and will be able to solve problems using trigonometric functions. Through the study of mathematics, a student will be taught to glorify God, His order and the order that exists in nature.


Sciences: Students will gain an understanding of general science, the sciences of life (biology, anatomy & physiology, and marine biology), chemistry and physics. They will become acquainted with the system of inductive thought by using the scientific method. The student will learn to distinguish God’s glory by studying His creation.


Classical Language (Latin): Students will gain greater understanding of English grammar and more quickly learn modern foreign languages through the study of classical language. A student will learn to master the English language. Students will be taught to read the great works of antiquity in the original language.


Modern Foreign Language (Spanish): For students who study modern foreign language, they will learn to communicate with people of other nationalities. Students will gain a mastery of the language’s grammar and syntax. They will also learn to interact with and enjoy literature written in that language and other cultures.

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